RioRand Tail Lights Tailgate Light Bar Waterproof Reverse Running Brake Turn Signal Multi-Functions for Cars Trucks etc Vehicles

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  • Dimension: 120+36+38 cm/47.34+14.17+14.96 inch
    Suitable for different cars, trucks etc vehicles but sure fit the length
    High quality: epoxy process designed refuse moisture for long-term use, fuse overload protection, IP65 waterpro
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Brand: RioRand Specification: Size: 120+36+38 cm/47.34+14.17+14.96 inch Weight: 0.12 kg Working Voltage: DC12-14V LED Power :2W LED Type: 2835 LED with 216 SMD(108 Red SMD + 108 Blue SMD) Instructions: Products and external total of 6 input lines, red line connected VCC, black line grounding; 1.Green line: connect ACC, get on a bright blue light ; 2.White line brake: red light all bright if a brake on; 3.Yellow line turn: when the right turn, the red light 25% of the brightness from left to right streamer; left turn, the red light 25% brightness from right to left streamer; 4.Double flash, the red light from the middle to both sides at the same time with the speed streamer, the middle of a bright red light; 5.Brake + Turn: brake and steering at the same time when there is a signal, the red light on with a full streamer, and streamer mode with the above turn to 3,4. Warn: Please don't bend, fold or cut the strip, otherwise, it will damage the metal sheet and make the LED can not light up. Package Included: 1 x Tail Light.