RioRand DC DC 8-50V 12V/24V/36V to 5V 3A Buck Converter Regulator MICRO USB Adapter Connector Power Supply Module Waterproof

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Input Voltage: DC 8-50V
Output voltage: DC 5V
Output Current: 3A MAX, 2.5A long-term work
Output Power: 15W MAX
Output ripple peak: 100
Conversion rate: 85%
Epoxy Glue, waterproof, shock, moisture
Reverse polarity protection, overcurrent and overtemperature protection, automatic recovery after troubleshooting
Dimension: 46 * 32 * 18mm
Low pressure: 2V
Operating temperature: Industrial grade -25 °c - +65 °c (ambient temperature exceeds 40 °c, please reduce power, or enhance heat dissipation)
Full load temperature rise: 40 °c

Please Note:
No identification resistor, can not be used for Apple devices or the mobile phones with identification

Package include:
1x DC-DC Buck USB Adapter