RioRand -15-70°c Heating Cooling Thermostat Temperature Controller DC 24V

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Supply voltage: 24V
Output Capacitance: Max Current 5A, Max Power 1000W
Temperature range: -15-70 °c
Control accuracy: 0.1 °c
Setting Accuracy: 5 °c
Default Temp Difference Setting : 2 °c
Thermostat probe: NTC 3950 / B = 10K (waterproof type 1M)
Instructions for use:
1: Determine the mode
Heating mode: the 5th switch up
Cooling mode: the 5th DIP switch down
2: Set the temperature
Setting the desired temperature need to adjust the four DIP switch, Please refer to the picture of "Temperature Control Setting".
3: Connect the circuit
Directly connected to the power at the input, the output connect to the load directly, such as heaters, light bulbs, fans, etc., the temperature probe connect to the place you want to control the temperature.
Package include:
1x Temperature Control Switch