RioRand 12 Volt 25W Small TEC Thermoelectric Thermo Electric Drinks Cooling/Cooler Units CPU Peltier Device Cold Plates DIY 30x30x3.2mm

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Module: TES1-12703
lmax(A) Current :3 A
U max(V) Voltage: DC 12V
Qcmax △T=0(W) Cooling capacity: 25W
△TmaxQC=0(C) Maximum difference in temperature: 65 ° c
Dimensions: 30x30x3.2mm
Cold type: the Hot Surface need to be GOOD HEAT SINK.

Features: Solid state, vibration free, noise-free.
Simple to install and operate.
Should use with a heat sink.
Heating surface should be good heat dissipation, it is strictly prohibited to power more than 2 seconds when it do not have heat dissipation.

Application: Picnic cooler/ice boxes
Drinks coolers/ice boxes
Laser diodes
CCD cameras
Package includes:
1x Thermoelectric Cooler