RioRand 4.5V-23V to 0-20V DC/DC Volt Converter 30W/2A Regulated Voltage Controlled Power Supply+Blue LED Voltmeter

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Module Properties : Constant Voltage Control Buck Power Supply Module
Dimension: 48x31.5x21mm
Input voltage range : DC 4.5-23V (Please leave adequate leeway)
Output voltage range :DC 0-20.0V
Minimum voltage difference : 3V ( Vin - Vout >/= 3V)
Output current : Maximum 2AV
Output power : Maximum 30W
Ripple frequency: About 330 KHz
Ripple peak to peak value :50mv (typical value)
Voltage display resolution: 100mV, input/output voltage dual display
Adjustable output voltage error : +/- 0.1v
Adjustable output voltage resolution:100mv
IN+: Input positive
IN- : Input negative
OUT+ : Output positive
OUT- : Output negative

1, When you do not use the module or adjust the preset voltage, the voltage output will be advised to be closed in case of wrong operation of high voltage to burn the load.
2, Make sure that the setting voltage is lower than output voltage 3v at least.
3, The input voltage must be under 23v and 23v is the highest Voltage. Please leave adequate leeway.
4, please do not let you hand touch the key pin
5, When the input voltage drops and cannot satisfy that the input voltage is higher the preset voltage about 3v, the module will automatically shut down output to prevent the module damage.
6, If the module is used under strong sunshine, the digital tube brightness will be affected.
7, When the module is used at full capacity, please pay attention to keep ventilation and heat dissipation
8, there is not constant current control unit in the module.

Package included:
1x DC/DC Converter Voltmeter Display