RioRand Gas Sensor Module MQ5 Sensor Shield +free 3pin Cable

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  • Powered by RioRand advanced technology
    All epoxy sealed containers with Waterproof Housing; Non-isolated
    High efficiency: >96%; Reliable, low heat dissipation max. 40 ℃
    With overload / ov
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Description: This Gas Sensor can detect LPG, natural gas , town gas, avoid the noise of alcohol and cooking fumes and cigarette smoke and other gases.It is capable of detecting various gases.
This arduino-compatible special sensor raise alarms when the smoke, methane or any other harmful gas leaks in its reach.
1、Smoke gas sensor
2、Detects smoke, methane, carbon dioxide and other gases
3、Gives alarms when the smoke/gas leaks
4、Power supply needs: 5V DC Package Include: 1、1 X Gas Sensor Module MQ5 2、1 X 3pin buckled cable(Color is random