RioRand® 2 MB Memory USB Keyboard Interface Hardware Keylogger Key Logger

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Hardware keylogger uses for keystroke logging
Captures and records computer users' keystrokes (include sensitive passwords)
Invisible to computer operation, undetectable for security scanners
Build-in 2 MB memory
Suitable for USB keyboard jack
No software needed, easy install and playback
With password protection to ensure your date in secure (password k2b3log)
Can be used for observing www, e-mail & chat record by children and employees
----monitoring employee productivity
----protecting your child from on-line hazards and predators
----saving a copy of typed text
----seeing keystroke recorder
Net Weight: 12g
Color: Black
Dimension: 64 x 18 x 10mm
Package Contents:
1 x PS/ 2 hardware keylogger
1 x User manual