RioRand 433Mhz RF transmitter and receiver kit for your Experiment

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TX Technical Specifications: A Working voltage: 3V-12V B Working current: max 40mA (12V), min 9mA(3V) C?Resonance mode: sound wave resonance (SAW) D Modulation mode: ASK /OOK E Working frequency: 315MHz-433.92MHz, customized frequency is available. F Transmission power: 25mW (315MHz at 12V) G Frequency error: +150kHz (max) H Velocity: 10Kbps I Self-owned codes: negative J Aerial Length: 24cm (315MHz), 18cm(433.92MHz) RX Technical Specifications: A

Working voltage: 5.0VDC +0.5V B Working current: 2.5mA (5.0VDC) c Working principle: superheterodyne d Working method: OOK/ASK Operating frequency: 315MHz, 433.92MHz, customized frequency is available; f Bandwidth: 2MHz (315MHz, having result from testing at lowing the sensitivity 3dBm) g Sensitivity: excel -105dBm (50) h Velocity: i Output signal: TTL electric level signal entire transmit