RioRand Regulator 90V~240V 110V/220V AC to 5V/3A DC Volt Converter 15W Adapter/Industrial/SCM/LED Switch Power Supply

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Dimensions: 87mm x 46mm x 28mm
Input voltage:AC 90V~240V 50/60HZ
Output voltage:DC 5V (±0.2V)
Input Current: 0.368(AC110V), 0.123(AC220V)
Input surge current:20A
Output Current Range:0A~3A?Adaptive
Output power: 15W, Max 20W
Output efficiency: 82%
Boot off overshoot: 10%
Output ripple: 60mV
Output rise time: 100mS
Operating temperature: -20 °c ~ + 60 °c
Relative humidity: 40~90% RH?Non-Condensation
Mean time between failures: more than 16,000 hours (25°c, 80% load)
Applied to the power adapter,industrial equipment,microcontroller,LED lighting power supply,and etc
Protection functions:
Output power protection
Shortage Protection
Temperature protection
Overcurrent protection
Package Include:
1x Switching Power Supply Module