RioRand TDA2030A Digital Stereo Audio Power Amplifier 34W+34W Dual Channel BTL Circuit Amp Board DIY Kit

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composition: 4 pieces TDA2030A chips constitute dual-channel BTL circuit
Operating voltage range: Single DC 12-36V or AC 9-25V
Maximum output power: 34Wx2
Output Impedance :4-8 Europe
Filtering capacitors: 2x 3300U/50V
Resistance: 1% metal film resistors rings
PCB size: 120 x 55 mm
Please pay attention to the Heat Sink
Package include;
1x TDA2030A Amplifier Board
Audio input: CDs, computers, mobile phones, MP3, MP4
Audio output: Connected to the amplifier (2-channel)
Potentiometer( left to right): Bass adjustment; Treble adjustment;
Volume Adjustment
Circuit design: Source--XR1075's electronic switch---
Anti-reverse protection: Diode
Operating pilot lamp: LED
Suitable for desktop acoustics, upgrade amplifier, speakers, DIY Suitable for digital amplifier, car amplifier, 2.1 subwoofer active speakers upgrade
Package includes:
1x Tone Adjustment Module