Circuit Boards

RioRand 8-30V to 2-16V DC Step Up/Down Converter Constan Current/Volt LED Driver Battery Charger

Features:Auto Boost Buck Converter, Wide input voltage range Constant current and voltage, Used to d..


RioRand 9438 Breadboard

RioRand Breadboard with - Terminals: 2,390 test points, 378 separate 5 point terminals, plus 10 hori..


RioRand 9440 Breadboard-Prototype Design Aid Cables Jumpers

 This RioRand high quality bredboard has 3220 test points, 504 separate 5 point terminals, and ..


RioRand Adjustable 4.0-40V to 1.25-37V 5/12V DC LM2596 Voltage Regulator Experimental Power Buck Converter+LED Voltmeter

Specific:Module Model:LM2596 Buck Converter + VoltmeterCutting Size: 66.04mm x 35.05mmInput Voltage:..


RioRand ADXL345 Digital Tilt Sensor Acceleration Module 5V/3.3V

Feature:1, on-board ADXL345 digital output (to support the I2C/SPI), low-power, compact acceleration..


RioRand Arduino UNO ATMEGA328 with USB Cable, Breadboard ,Jumpers Wires,6pcs LEDs Starter Kits

Description:The Iduino UNO is a microcontroller board based on the ATmega328 . It has 14 digital inp..


RioRand Bluetooth 4.0 BLE Low Energy/Power RF SOC Smart Hardware Serial Module 2.4GHz - CC2540 iBeacon - 17*13mm - For Apple/Android

FEATURE:1,Bluetooth 4.0 single mode Compliant ISM 2.4GHz module.2,Utilizes the TI CC2540 SoC with 25..


RioRand board cables jumpers (60pcs 1pin jumper set)

Package List:1. 20pcs 1pin M-M Jumper Wires 30cm2. 20pcs 1pin F-F Jumper Wires 30cm3. 20pcs 1pin M-F..


RioRand Cables Unlimited Serial ATA Cable Kit

Cables Unlimited Unlimited SATA II 3Gbps Cable Kit FLT-6000-KIT Computer Accessory Kit...


RioRand CD74HC4067 Analog/Digital MUX Breakout Board

It is a breakout board for the very handy 16-Channel CD74HC4067. This chip is like a rotary switch -..


RioRand DC Buck Converter 8-22V 12V to 5V 3A/15W Phone Charger 5V USB for iPhone/iPad

Feature:Rectification:Synchronous rectificationInput voltage: DC 8V-22VOutput voltage: DC 5VOutput c..


RioRand DC-DC Converter Module Step up and down In 3.5-28V Out 1.25-26V Adjustable (LM2596S+LM2577S)

Color: 3.5-28V to1.25V-26V-1AFeature:You just need to set up output voltage, then no matter the wavi..


RioRand DC-DC Voltage Regulator Buck Converter 4-38V to 1.25-36V 5V/12V Power Supply Module 5A

Module features:Module Properties: non-isolated step-down module (BUCK)Input voltage: DC 4-38VOutput..


RioRand DC/DC Synchronous Boost Buck Converter Constant Voltage/Current DC 5-32V to 1.25-20V 12V 5A Voltage Regulator LED Driver Adjustable Power Supply Module

Module Parameters:Module Name: 5A automatic step up/down constant voltage/current moduleModule Prope..


RioRand Digital Stereo Audio Amplifier 80W+80W Class D Power Amp Module Ampli BTL DC 15-36V Powered

Features:Module chip:TDA749Operating voltage: DC 15V-36V (please do not exceed 36V)Recommended Power..


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