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RioRand DS18B20 Temperature Detector Sensor Module

DS18B20 Temperature Module Temperature Sensor Module<br /> Description:<br /> 1, on-boar..


RioRand EP2C5T144 Cyclone II FPGA Mini Development Board

Using the CycloneIIEP2C5T144 chip of RIORAND Company as the core minimum system, the FPGA easily emb..


RioRand Iduino DUE ,32bit CortexM3, compatible with Arduino Due UNO MEGA2560 R3 Duemilanove 2013

The Iduino Due Board is the first board for Arduinobased on a 32-bit ARM core microcontroller. It ha..


RioRand Iduino Nano 168 ATmega168 Board V3.0 5V/16Mhz compatible with Arduino's IDE

The Iduino Nano can be powered via the Mini-B USB connection, 6-20V unregulated external power suppl..


RioRand Iduino Pro Mini 328 5V 16Mhz(compatible with arduino pro mini)

Description: This is a 5V pro mini running the 16MHz bootloader. Pro Mini does not come with connect..


RioRand Iduino UNO R3 Board with Atmega328p-pu compatible with Arduino

The Iduino Uno is a microcontroller board based on the ATmega328. It has 14 digital input/output pin..


RioRand Iphone IPAD bluetooth module 5V/3.3V V4.0 compatiable for Arduino

Iphone IPAD bluetooth module 5V/3.3V V4.0 compatiable for Arduino..


RioRand JCX-M6 Flight Controller for RC Airplane RC Model Plane FPV Fixed

The product JCX-M6 is a flight controller especially designed for fixed-wing airplanes. It can perfo..


RioRand L298N H Bridge DC Stepper Motor Driver Controller Module for Robot Smart Car

FeatureDriver: L298N Dual H Bridge DC Motor Driver ICDriven part of the terminal supply area Vs: +5 ..


RioRand LM233 Tilt Angle Measurement Switch Sensor Module 3.3-5V DC 3-wire

Description:1.Sensor can sense changes in body angle (accuracy can reach 15-45 degrees)2. Adjustable..


RioRand LM2596 DC Buck Converter 4.0-40V to 1.25-37V 5/12V/24V 2A DC Voltage Regulator Adjustable Power Supply Module+LED Voltmeter+Voltage Calibration

How to adjust the accuracy?(1)Output voltage calibration stepsStep 1, adjust the right button so tha..


RioRand LM393 Comparator NTC Thermistor Temperature Sensor Module DC 3.3-5V

Uses:Temperature detection, temperature control sensors , ambient temperature detection.Module Featu..


RioRand LM393 Voltage Comparator Obstacle Avoidance Infrared Photovoltaic Sensor Module 3-5V DC

Parameter Description:1.When the module detects an obstacle in front of the signal , the green indic..


RioRand LM393 Voltage Comparator Photosensitive Resistor Light-sensitive Sensor Module 3.3V-5V DC

Description:1. can detect the ambient brightness and light intensity2. adjustable sensitivity (shown..


RioRand Mini HI-FI Home Audio/Stereo Amplifier Board 2 Channel 130W+130W with Heat Sink

Technical ParametersVoltage: Dual AC  9V to 36VUndistorted output power: Maximum 130W/8Ωx..


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