RioRand 0-199.9V/0-20.0A DC VA Voltmeter Ammeter Volt Ampere Panel Meter LCD Dual Display Current Monitor Voltage Measure

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Working Mode: Voltage and current dual display
Power Supply: AC 220V +/- 10%
Measuring Range: DC 0-199.9V, 0-20.0 A (require external shunt)
Display: LCD, blue backlight, 3 1/2 digits (visible screen size: 43x25mm)
Accuracy: 1% +/- 2 digits
Power Consumption: <0.5 VA
Dimensions: 70x40x40mm
Installation Size: 68x38 mm (flush mounting)
Can directly replace the 85L17 Analog current and voltage meter
Usage:Charger, inverter, solar energy, wind turbines, LED lights measurement and etc.
The power supply must be pure sine wave voltage (modified sine wave or square wave will burn the meter)
Package Included:
1x Digital DC Voltmeter Ammeter 2in1