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RioRand 0.56" Surface 5 Digits Digital Ammeter +/- 0-199.99mA DC Current Milli-Amps Measurement Ampere Panel Meter Red LED

Features:Dimensions: 79 x 42 x 27 mmCutting size: 76 x 39.5 mmOperating voltage: DC +5 V +/- 0.5Oper..


RioRand 0.56" Two Wires Mini Digital Amps Gauge 0-50A/75mV Amperemeter Panel Meter Blue LED Display

Features:STM8S103Cutting size:45.5mm x 26.5mmDimensions: 48mm x 29mm x 21mmRange: DC 0-50.0APower Su..


RioRand 0.56" Waterproof DC 15-120V Digital Voltmeter Voltage Measurement Gauge Blue/Green LED Panel 24V Volt Meters (Green)

Features:Reverse Connect ProtectionRange: DC15-120V ( Can Measure Power Supply Directly )Display: Th..


RioRand 0.56" Waterproof DC 15-120V Digital Voltmeter Voltage Measurement Gauge Red LED Panel Volt Meters

Features: Reverse Connect Protection Range: DC15-120V ( Can Measure Power Supply Directly ) Display:..


RioRand 0.56" Yellow LED Thermometer Car Digital Clock Voltage Measurement Temp/Volts Meter Gauge

Specifications:Feature:Multifunction, Clock,Voltmeter,Thermometer 3 in 1Display: 61mm x 29mm x 17.5m..


RioRand 0.56" Yellow LED Voltage Tester Digital Display 0-200V DC Voltmeter Gauge Battery Monitor

Feature:Dimensions: 48mm x 29mm x 21mmInstallation dimensions: 45.5mm x 26.5mmMeasure voltage: DC 0-..


RioRand 0.56"Digital Tank thermometer -55-125°c Aquarium Water Temperature Measurement Yellow LED 3m Cable

Specifications:Dimensions : 48mm x 29mm x 19mmSensor cable length: 3 metersPower Supply voltage: DC ..


RioRand 0.56"White LED Digital Voltmeter Measures 2-channel DC 3.5-30V/0-200 Volt Meter

Specific:Dimensions: 48mm x 29mm x 21mmChannel 1: DC 3.5-30V Note: The first channel is measuring vo..


RioRand 0~20V DC Analog Voltage Panel Tester Meter Accuracy Voltmeter Gauges

Feature:Model Number:85c1-vDisplay Type:Analog OnlyMeasuring Range:DC 0-20VAccuracy Class:2.5Damping..


RioRand 0~300MA DC Analog Mechanical Current Meter Panel Pointer Amper Amp Meter

Feature:Display Type:Analog OnlyMeasuring Range:DC 0-300mAAccuracy Class:2.5Damping response time: l..


RioRand 0~3A DC Ammeter Analog panel Amp meter Current Detector Mechanical

Feature:Display Type:Analog OnlyMeasuring Range:DC 0-3AAccuracy Class:2.5Damping response time: less..


RioRand 0~50MA Analog Current Meter Pointer Ammeter Class 2.5 DC Panel Amper Gauges

Feature:Display Type:Analog OnlyMeasuring Range:DC 0-50mAAccuracy Class:2.5Damping response time: le..


RioRand 1-8 Cell Lipo Digital Battery Voltage Checker with Warning Alarm + 2-6 cell Lipo Digital Battery Voltage Checker

1-8 cell battery checker: Voltage Detection Precision: +/- 0.01V.Unit Voltage Display Range: 0.50-4...


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