RioRand DC/DC 4-35V to 1.2-32V 5V/12V/24V Buck Constant Current/Voltage Power Converter Module LED Driver

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Properties: non-isolated step-down synchronous rectification module
Input voltage :4-35V
Output voltage :1.2-32V continuously adjustable (default output 5V)
Input and output min voltage: 2.5V
Output current :0.4-10A, the natural cooling time within 6A, the temperature does not exceed 60 °c
Output current range :0.3-10A
Working temperature: -40-85 °c
Operating Frequency: 150KHz
Conversion efficiency: up to 96%
Short circuit protection, over-temperature protection
Connection: terminals, free soldering
Dimension: 60 * 26 * 20mm

Please Do not reverse, or it will be burnt;
Please Do not exceed 35V input voltage;
No anti-irrigation output protection, please add diode if needed.

Package include:
1x DC Buck Module