RioRand 13KHZ PWM DC Motor Controller DC 12V-40V 10A Motors Electric Pump Fan Speed Stepless Control Module with Reverse Polarity Protection High-Current Protection

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  • Powered by RioRand Advanced Technology
    Operating voltage: DC 12V-40V
    Maximum Power: 3000W (connected resistive load)
    Control Power: 0.01-400W
    PWM duty cycle: 10% -100% stepless。 PWM Frequency: 13khz
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Brand: RioRand

Size: DC 12V to 40V 10A


Operating voltage: DC 12V-40V

Control Power: 0.01-400W

Quiescent Current: 0.02A (standby)

PWM duty cycle: 10% -100% stepless

PWM Frequency: 13khz

1.6mm FR-4 PCB With reverse polarity protection, High-current protection. (Fuse type 10A)

Package Includes:

1x Speed Control

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