RioRand (3 feet) CM-N3-P Compatible Pre-Trigger Motor Cord - Canon 3 Pin Connector to Miniphone

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1.Melzi Ardentissimo Board

The Melzi Ardentissimo is a full-featured Melzi board using the ATMEGA644P (ATMEGA1284P is being tested) chip used on Sanguinololu. This is a Sanguinololu firmware compatible board, though does have a couple of extra features the Sanguinololu does not - namely the extra Mosfet for the fan, and a software controllable LED. Melzi has micro SD on board as well. A full StepStick clone is on board as well negating the need for external stepper motor drivers.

2. Stepper motor Weight:0.4kg
2 Phase
Step Angle:1.8±5% degree/step
Voltage: 12V
Current: 1.2A/phase
Resistance:10.0±10% Ω/phase
Lead style:AWG26 UL1007
Comes with 4-Lead Wire
Holding Min
Detent Max
Insulation cllass:B
Rotor torque:68g.cm2

3. T5-12 pulley
Number of teeth:12
Pulley pitch:5mm
Pulley total length:220mm
Pulley Timing belt width: up to 8mm 4. Z Axis Coupler
Material: Aluminum
Length: 25mm
Outer diameter: 20mm

Package List:
1 x Melzi Ardentissimo
1 x Heatbed MK2a with soldered resistor and led
2 x 100Kohm NTC Thermistors
4 x Stepper Driver
2 x T2-29 pulley
3m Black rubber GT2 timing belt
1 x Z Axis Couplers
1 x 2mm Allen key
1 x 2.5mm Allen key
1 x Acrylic universal support plate
1 x 2GB SD card
2 x Cable for heatbed
10 x 1-pin Female-Female cable
8 x 2-pin Male-Female cable
1 x USB Cable