RioRand 0.36" Red LED Amperemeter 0-20A DC Digital AMP Panel Meter Ampere Ammeter+75mV Current Shunt

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PCB size: 34mm × 16mm
Operating voltage:DC 7-30V
Measure current: DC 0-20A
Minimum display: DC 0A
Maximum Display: DC 19.9A
Measure accuracy: 0.1% (± 5 digits)
Display: three 0.36" LED digital tube
Display color:Red
Overload capacity: 4 times range
Operating temperature: -40 to 85 °c
Input impedance:100Kohm
Anti-reverse protection:Have
Connection(two ways): please refer to the pictures for more details
Voltage input range of the Red line: 6-24V DC
The shunt current direction: from green line to the black line
Package Includes:
1x Digital Ammeter
1x Current Shunt 20A/75mV