RioRand 0.40" Waterproof Digital Voltmeter DC 2.5-30V Red LED Auto Mini 12V Volt Tester Panel Meter

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Dimensions: 50 x 30 x 27mm
Cutting Size: 46x27mm
Measure range: DC 2.5-30.0V
Minimum input: DC 2.5V
Maximum input: DC 30V
Permissible Error: 1% (+ / - 1 digit)
Display: three 0.40" LED digital tube
Display Color: Red
Refresh rate: about 500mS
Current consumption: about 5-20mA
Operating temperature: -10 °c ~ 65 °c
Voltmeter with epoxy potting, Full waterproof design, Oil Pollution Prevention, Moistureproof, Shockproof, Dust-proof
With Reverse polarity protection
Please Note:
Do not need power supply, can measure 2.5-30V directly
If the input voltage is below 3.5V, the display brightness dims
If the input voltage is below 2.5V,measuring inaccurate or no display
If measure 10V below, accurate to 0.01V,display x.xx
If measure 10V or more,accurate to 0.1V,display xx.x
Package Include:
1x Digital Voltmeter