RioRand Aluminum 20W 2 Channel Car Hi-fi Mini Audio Power Amplifier with RCA Jack

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  • Powered by RioRand Advanced Technology
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Actual power:20W * 2.
Rated power: 30W * 2.
Input Power: 12V 6A DC
Input Sensitivity: 200mv
Input Impedance: 47K
Speaker Impedance: 8ohm to 16ohm
Frequency Reponse: 20Hz to 20KHz
Min. THD: 0.005%
Signal/Noise Ratio: >100dB
RCA input
LED light for volume control
Twin power IC chips
Aluminum case
Weight: 216g (.5lb)
Dimensions: length 143mm (5.6in), width
65mm (2.6in), height 36mm (1.4in)
Package included:
1x Mini Hi-Fi Audio Power Stereo Amplifier