RioRand® YUHONGYUAN 170g Organic WHOLE Black Garlic contains approximately 850 mg S-allyl-cysteine per bulb Aged for FULL 90 days (5A FIRST CLASS One-clove garlic170g)

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    RioRand® YUHONGYUAN Organic-Grown Black Garlic contains approximately 850 mg S-allyl-cysteine per bulb FULL 90 days in a special fermentation process
    Black garlic is all-natural.

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RioRand YUHONGYUAN Black Garlic is from the production of RioRand Canada technology

Production process by the Canadian RioRand Company after eight years of research and practice, design a unique temperature and the temperature control system, to guarantee the quality of the product.
After strict screening and quality inspection, we ONLY choose 5A class garlics for production.

RioRand YUHONGYUAN Black garlic is all-NATRUAL.

There are no additives and no preservatives ever.

In fact, there is only one ingredient garlic.

It is aged for 90 days in a special fermentation process under high heat, where it develops its darker color, softer texture and sweeter taste Never just 30 days, this means ultimatelavor, healthy antioxidants,
fresher longer due to natural antibacterial properties, and sweetness.

After testing, our products are 50% higher on the nutrient than other brands, and averaging all taste, just us won the gourmet cuisine competition award, this is the highest honor in food industry.


To eliminate fatigue, improve physical strength, solve constipation, protect liver, and improve the activity of the prostate, promoting sleep quality and also other functions.


RioRand YUHONGYUAN Black garlic texture is soft, not suitable for vacuum package or packing too tight, otherwise you will squeeze the bad black garlic. Once opened, seal mouth after eat, and should be preserved in a cool, dry place.