RioRand Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment Non-Electric Dual Nozzles Self-Cleaning -Black

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  • * FRESH WATER BIDET - Standardized connections attach directly to your existing water supply and non-electric design uses your existing water pressure
    • * ANTI-BACTERIAL WATER JET - Provides hygienic & comfortable cleaning for all of your
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Intelligent Nozzle System:
Bidet Boss nozzle system delivers finely focused spray on to your rear or female region. Extends and retracts when water pressure is initiated to ensure consistent sanitary operation. In addition, the self cleaning function runs cold or hot water along the nozzle to clean any build up and keep it always ready for use.

Easy Installation:
Bidet Boss converts your standard toilet into a premium quality bidet for world renowned maximum comfort and hygiene. Enjoy all the benefits of a bidet in your own home without any bathroom renovations! The Bidet Boss simply secures between the rim and seat of your standard toilet - no plumbing skills are required.

Water Cleans You Better:
Toilet paper leaves gross residue and is abrasive on your delicate skin. Water cleans better by actually washing and removing residue, rather than spreading it. It flushes the inner buttocks which relieves rear itching and hemorrhoids. No reaching around causing pain for those with mobility issues.

Save Money, Water, and Trees!
Think about how much money you actually spend on toilet paper. By using less, or none at all, the Bidet Boss pays for itself usually within one year. In North America alone, statistics show toilet paper manufacturing accounts for the cutting down of over 13 million trees and 473 billion gallons of water being wasted annually (the bleaching process of toilet paper uses tremendous amounts of water).

Package Included
1x Bidet Attachment
1x Cold water plastic tee joint
1x The cold metal edit tube 55 cm
1x Hot metal tee joint
1x Hot water PU tube 3 m
1x Plastic wrench
1x Teflon tape
1x Bidet Attachments inlet Water shutoff

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