RioRand Tune-O-Matic Bridge & Tailpiece Set for Gibson Les Paul Electric Guitar Replacement (Gold)

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For Les Paul Style Guitar.
Includes 4 matching posts (2 for tailpiece, 2 for bridge).
Individual slotted saddles with "E" retaining clips.
Allows for extremely fast and precise individual string height action adjustments as well as for accurate individual intonation adjustments.

The wholesale bridge is approx. 83mm long, from the middle of the hole to the middle of the hole, it is approx. 73mm long.
The wholesale tailpiece is approx. Width (16mm) Length (98mm), Spacing between 2 studs (82 mm, from center to center).
Material: Zinc alloy
Bridge length: Approx.(LxW) 3.26x 0.55"/83x 14mm
Tailpiece size: Approx.(LxW) 3.86x 0.63"/98x 16mm
Spacing between 2 studs: Approx. 3.23"/82mm

Package Contents:
1 x Tune-O-Matic bridge
1 x Tailpiece
4 x Mounting posts