RioRand Leopard Printing Style Automatic Adjustable Retractable Flexible Pet Puppy Dog Leash Rope Strap 118"

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Hold the Retractable Leash handle and the cord will automatically and gently release with the direction of the dog movement.
In this way, your dog can enjoy the free movement.
By pressing release-stop button, it can limit your dog roaming area and let your dog walk in a controllable scope. It is very helpful in people-around area.
It also helps you to pull back your dog. Pressing release-stop button and pull your dog back towards you. In the meanwhile, Retractable lease will automatically rewind
With this Retractable Leash , Ease walking your dog at night
Suitable for a variety of pets indoors or outside
Material: Environmental friendly material ABS
Color: Blue
Leash Length: 3m / 10ft
Size: 14x9.8x2.7cm / 5.5"x3.86"x1.1"
Weight: 5.69oz
Package Contents:
1x Retractable Dog Leash