RioRand Black 5V 2.1A USB Phone 12V Motorcycle Handlebar Handle Bar Clamp Charger Power Port Socket Set

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  • Easily installed in any 12V motorcycle, ATV, Boat or car
    Great add-on kit for motorcycle & ATV
    Connect the red wire to the brass post & connect black wire to the silver one
    With fuse built-in th

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Specifications: • Condition: Brand new • Package includes: 1x Power Socket 1x USB Port with connector wires 1x Adjustable mounting clamp kit • Barrel inner length: 1.18" (3.0cm) • Barrel inner diameter: 0.87" (2.2cm) • Cable length: 5' (150cm) • Voltage: DC 12V • USB Rated outlet Voltage: 5V • Material: ABS & Durable Rubber Features: • Easily installed in any 12V vehicle motorcycle, ATV, Boat . • Great add-on kit for motorcycle & ATV. • Connect the red wire to the brass post & connect black wire to the silver one. • With fuse built-in the red wire for safety. • Can be used as GPS charging, cell phone charger, MP3 power supply, • Waterproof cigarette lighter and USB port integration, unique design for installation , USB waterproof cover * Note: 1. Item is design for 12V/5V motor bike(other volt please do not buy this item. It may be make an accident) 2. Install the item on the fall round and make sure your holder is set. 3. Do not use any heat Electronic Accessories. 4. Do not use or on the rainy day,please cover it with the waterproof shell 5. Do not connect the Electronic Accessories, when the engine is not working Fitment: • Universal fits 3/4", 7/8", 1" handlebar with the adjustable mounting clamp. • Fit for: most phones, including for BlackBerry, Apple iPhone, GPS, Apple iPod, or any other device charged by USB power 1A or less * Note: Professionals install is strongly recommended to avoid trouble caused by inexperienced installer!