RioRand® 16 LED Super Bright Waterproof Solar Powered Light Motion Sensor Outdoor Garden Patio Path Wall Mount Gutter Fence Security Lamp Light

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    Solar powered, no need of exchanging batteries, no wire or cables installation, easy to fix on wall; On by day, off by night; Bright light and Dim light auto changed by s
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Solar powered:
Solar energy is environment-friendly, clean, and economical.
This item aims at providing environment-protective light by converting the solar power into electricity and storing into a built-in rechargable battery,to satisfy all the need of energy to light on.

Motion sensor:
It would light on automatically the time someone went into its sensing range.
Imagine that your friend come to visit you at night,when he get close to your house and enter its sensing range, to his pleasant surprise, it light on automatically, like greeing him with smile for you.
Or when you come back home from work , tourist or any other outdoor activities, you would like to see it greeting you the same way.
It is even thief resistant, before a "stranger" slip into your house, this light turn on all of a sudden.
To his scare and fear, he might give the plan up and run away as soon as possible.

1. Li-ion battery:3.7V 1000mAh
2. LED: 16pcs, SMD 3528,1W
3. Lumens: 100 lm.
4. LED life span: 50,000 hrs.
5. Solar charging time:6- 8 hrs.
6. Three Lighting modes: Off/Dim/Bright; Off during the daytime; Dim light and Bright light is switched by PIR to save power at night, i.e, Dim light at night time to save power, but will be switched to Bright light for about 30 seconds if PIR motion sensor is activated.The motion-sensing light is triggered when someone or something enters its 3-5 meters range within a 120 degree sensing angle.
7. Package size: 175 * 115 * 53 mm / 6 * 4.53 * 2.09".
8. Product size: 136 * 90 * 45 mm / 5.35 * 3.54 * 1.77".
9. Package weight: 250g / 8.8oz.

Package includes:
1 * Solar Lamp
2 * Expansion Pillar-hinges
2 * Big Screws ( for installation )
1 * Pin ( for On/Off switch)
1 * User Manual