RioRand Day Off/Night Work DC 5V~18V 12V Electrical Home Light Control Lighting Sensor Switch System

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Color of Housing: White
Working Voltage: DC 5V~18V
Maximum current: 3A
Current consumption: about 3mA
Workting Mode:Day Off, Night Work
Adjustable Sensitivity:Yes
Can be used for the equipments that' power is less than 30W.
Easy to connect, but make sure it is right connected, just like the picture; and the Light control switch need to be away from the light source.
Light control switch is good for making a solar light system.
No Waterproof
LED Status:
Day,Output OFF: Green
Dark,Output On: Red
Long Red Cable: Input +
Long Black Cable: Input -
Short Red Cable: Output +
Short Black Cable: Output -
Output connected load can not be short-circuited, otherwise it will burn switch circuit,
Light control switch should be placed in areas not according to the output light, since this will form a positive feedback with the output light, there is present such as flashing lights.
Package included:
1x Light Control Switch