RioRand Tactical Flashlight Knife Zoomable Multifunctional knife with Rechargeable Adjustable Focus Torch Light for Vehicle Hunting Camping Hiking Fishing Outdoor

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  • Powered by RioRand advanced technology
    Detachable Survival Knife: Made of premium stainless steel, ultra sharp blade, best emergency tool for outdoor adventurers, military personnel, campers, hikers, hunters or even constant travelers&
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Brand: RioRand


1.Zoomable: Zoom in (spot lighting), long illuminating distance; Zoom out (flood lighting), large illuminating range.
2.Swicth Mode: High-Low-Strobe.
3. Ideal for outdoor activities like camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, cycling etc. OR indoor working light.
4. Emergency attack head design
5.With Detachable Knife, it's more convenient for field survival, self-defense.

1. Material: Aluminum
2. Reflector: Smooth reflector for focused beam
3. Power Supply: 1 x 18650 batterry

1 x LED flashlight
1 x 18650 Battery
1 x AC charging adapter