RioRand 2 in 1 Tactical Pistol Red Dot Laser Sight + 180 Lumen Cree LED Flashlight Combo , T6 6061 Aluminum , Picatinny Weaver Style Mount for Glk, S&w, Sig, Xd,beretta

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    A versatile combination package that consists of a 180 lumens bright pistol tactical flashlight and a compact red laser sight. Either the Pistol Tactical flashlight or the compact red laser sight can be mounted on the g
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Brand: RioRand

Product Description Fitting Guide :

Your handgun has to have a standard Picatinny (Accessory) Rail.

Some earlier models of pistols, even their names appear in the fitting list, might not have the rail and the laser will not mount. (See image below for an illustration of the accessory rail)

The Mount length of the flashlight and laser is 1.416" , so the accessories rail on your pistol should be longer than that.

Note: It Will Not Fit Compact /SUB-COMPACT Pistols/Handguns.

Suggest Fitting Models : Glock Full size models: G17,G22, G20, G21, G37, G31, G34, G35 Compact models: G19, G23, G38, G25, G32 (Attention: Some early generation 1st and 2nd of Glock handguns don't have accessory rail.

This laser sight can only be mounted on Glocks with accessory rail.) Sig Sauer P220, P226, P227, P229, P250, SP2022 (Attention: Sig Sauer has many variations even within the same model.

Please check your gun to make sure it has an accessory rail as well as a 4" or longer barrel.)

Smith & Wesson M&P9, M&P9L M&P45, M&P45C M&P40, M&P40L M&P357, M&P357C SD9 VE, SD 40VE.

Springfield: All full size and compact spring field handguns.

Beretta PX4 (full size only) 92A1, 96A1, 92FS (Type M9A1 only) (Attention: The PX4 storm compact is essentially a subcompact with 3.3" barrel thus will NOT fit this laser) Ruger SR9, SR40, SR45 P95 Heckler & Koch P30L, HK45, HK45 tactical P30, HK45 compact,HK45 compact tactical (Attention: Early generation of Heckler & Koch H&K USP model requires an adapter.

These models have their own proprietary rails that are different from a standard accessory rail.

Fortunately, adapters can solve this problem.)

Taurus 24/7, 24/7-G2 (compact won't fit) FN 5-7, 5-7N series FNX-9, FNX-40, FNX-45, FNX-45 Tactical FXS-9, FXS-40 Bersa Thunder Pro

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