RioRand® DK118-V8 2km bone conduction Bluetooth interphone

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  • Powered by RioRand Advanced Technology
    External Testing Certification:CE
    Max Working distance:2000m
    Conversation time:8hrs

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Unlimited multiple users in a group can talk to each other. The maximum communication distance is 2000 meters.
The working speed is higher than 120 kilometers per hour.
The conversation time is longer than 8 hours.
Receive mobile phone calls automatically and safely.
Advanced A2DP & EDR Bluetooth function.
A novel bone conduction earphone device.
V8 is a multifunctional device specifically designed for motorcycle and skating fans, comprising the following types of uses:
1) Mobile phone conversation device with a hands-free Bluetooth earphone
When the user rides a motorcycle or skates outside, the product can automatically and safely use the Bluetooth function to answer a phone call. When the call is connected, there is no need to push down any button. The call is automatically connected about 5 seconds later.
2) Realization of two-way half-duplex wireless intercommunication between multiple riders
The maximum communication distance in a sight path with high resolution can reach 2000m / 6560 feet. Generally, the effective distance in the city is approximately 1000m/ 3280 feet. Please note that the actual range is finally determined by the weather conditions, terrain and existing obstacles, namely large vehicles or indiscernible buildings.
3) As a wireless Bluetooth music receiver and speaker, V8 is fitted with the EDR and A2DP function. An important function of this is: it can be connected with a mobile phone that features the A2DP stereo function, MP3 or GPS audio navigator in order to receive music (naturally, the MP3 and GPS audio navigator must have a built-in audio Bluetooth emitting module).