RioRand® Motorcycle Bluetooth 1000meter DK118-V6 For 6 Riders Interphone

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  • Overview

  • Powered by RioRand Advanced Technology
    up to 6 riders Motorcycle Interphone
    long distance bluetooth 1000 meters
    factory OEM,ODM
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This high end multi interphone system allows upto 6 riders to connect to each other at a time (of course you will have to buy more systems to get to 6).
General feature
Up to 7 hours talk time when connected to your cell phone
Up to 7 hours time when listening to music
500 mAh Li Polymer battery
Standby time: 120hrs
Charging time: ~3hrs
Chip brand: CSR
Brief Description
1.Long range-1000 meters intercom, Bluetooth interphone kits for helmet motorcycle, Snowmobile, ski, ATV etc.
2.communication system 6 Riders.
3.1000m maximum intercom range
4.Up to 120km/h speed
5.Up to 7hours talking time
6.Auto-receiving mobile call
7.Mobile/mp3/stereo music
8.Audio navigation from GPS
9.Line-in audio interface via bluetooth
10.Wind noise DSP cancellation
11.Full weather protected
12.It can pair "rider to rider" or "rider to pillion". Can pair 6 interphones at a time, and easily switch to any 2 of them.
13.Works with any Bluetooth equipped mobile phone,GPS or MP3 Stereo music
14.Headphone Can work with external media play devices, like MP3/portable CD player/IPOD and etc. by connecting the headphone wires directly (without main unit)
15.Plastic + Rubber button, more stable structure, better waterproof performance. This system is fully weather protected.
16. Wireless hands free communication for motorcyclist
17.Safe driving while talking with friends
18.Play stereo music from your mobile phone
19.Can be used as a Bluetooth headset and a wireless music headset while you're not riding