RioRand® 0.36" 0-200V LED Display Digital Voltmeter Gauge Battery Car Tester Voltage Meter(Red)

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  • Brand:RioRand
    Power supply: 4V-30V
    Measuring range: 0V-200V;Accuracy: 0.1%
    Current: less than 8mA;Refresh rate: about 200ms time
    Storage temperature: -10 °c to +65 °c;Input i
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Color: Red

Power supply: 4V-30V
Measuring range: 0V-200V
Accuracy: 0.1%
Current: less than 8mA
Refresh rate: about 200ms time
Display: three 0.36 " digital tube
Display color: Red/Blue/Green/Yellow
Storage temperature: -10 °c to +65 °c
Input impedance: about 100K
Dimension: 35 * 14 * 10mm

The max. power is DC 30V,please do not connect to the battery car (48-76V)directly. If you need, please connect the power
converter first.

Package include:
1x Mini digital voltmeter