RioRand DC 100A/75mV Ampere Shunt Resistor Amp Panel Meter Ammeter Shunt Currect Tester

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Model: 100A/75mV
Length: 20.9cm
Accuracy level :0.5-1
Overrating Capacity: 120% of Rated Current,2 hours
Shock Frequency Endurance:80 ~ 120 times /min,6 hours
Voltage drop: 50mV 60mV 70mV 100mV
Environmental conditions: -40 to +60°c, relative temperature ≤ 95% (35°c).
Rated current 50A, the temperature does not exceed 80°c
Rated current of 50A, the temperature does not exceed 120°c
The shunt primary circuit of the cable (or copper row) and shunt connections please does not contact resistance
The secondary voltage of the sampling points can not be sampled from a non-sampling point
The actual use of the current (long) recommended that no more than 80% of the rated current
Package Include:
1x 100A/75mV Shunt