RioRand®RR-UDB1105 With Shell 5MHz DDS Function Signal Generator Source & 60MHz Frequency Counter DDS Module

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    RR-UDB100X series direct digital synthesis signal generator use DDS technology and FPGA design with the characters of high stability and low distortion ect., It's the ideal equip
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Main technology data
1. Signal Output function
Output waveforms: Sine wave, Square wave and Triangle wave
Output amplitude: ≥10Vp-p(signal output, no load)
Output impedance: 50Ω±10%(signal output)
DC offset: ±2.5V(no load)
Display: LCD160
Frequency range: 0.01Hz ~ 5MHz(UDB1105)
Resolution: 0.01Hz
Frequency Stability: ±1×10-6
Frequency accuracy: ±5×10-6
Sine wave distortion: ≤0.8% (reference frequency is 1kHz)
Trinagle linearity: ≥98% (0.01Hz~10kHz)
Rise and fall time of square wave: ≤100ns
Square Wave Duty range: 1%~99%
2.TTL Output function
Frequency range: 0.01Hz ~ 5MHz (UDB1105)
Amplitude: >3Vp-p
Fan Out: >20 TTL loads
3.COUNTER function
Counter Range: 0-4294967295
Frequency Meter Range: 1Hz~60MHz
Input Voltage Range: 0.5Vp-p~20Vp-p
Storage and transferred: 10 set of parameters with storage and recall functions.

Package List:
1 * RR-UDB1105 With Shell 2MHz DDS signal generator
1 * DC5V power adapter
1 * Signal Output Cable