RioRand™ 10A 12V 24V Solar Cell panels Battery Charge Controller,10Amps lamp Regulators for street lighting or solar home power system

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  •     Powered by RioRand advanced solar technology
        8. Using large-diameter wire terminal,can fix the wire which max size is 6mm2 9. Parameter is set to power-down save function,th

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Model no SCL-10A
Rated charge current 10A
Rated load current 10A
Work voltage 12/24V Auto
Over load, short circuit protection 1.25 rated load current 60sec, 1.5 rated loads current 5sec, over load protection action. ≥3 Rated load current short circuit protection action.
No load current ≤6mA
Charging circuit voltage drop ≤0.26 V
Load circuit voltage drop ≤0.15 V
Over voltage protection 14.8V; ×2/24V
Work temperature Industry stage:-35 C to +55C;
Boost charge voltage 14.6V;×2/24V; (keep 10min)
Direct charge voltage 14.4V; ×2/24V; (keep 10min)
Float charge voltage 13.6V; ×2/24V;
charge return voltage 13.2v;×2/24V;
Temperature compensation -5mv/?/cell (Boost charge, Direct charge, Float charge, charge return voltage);
Lower voltage indicate 12.0V; ×2/24V;
Over discharge voltage 11.1V(no load)- real-time modified voltage by the discharge rate; ×2/24V;
Over discharge return voltage 12.6V; ×2/24V
Control mode PWM charge mode; modified discharge voltage by the discharge rate

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