RioRand™ 10A Duo Battery Solar Panel Charge Controller Regulator 12/24V for dual battery

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  • Overview
  •     Two battery charging eliminates the added cost of two separate solar charging systems
        With battery type selection;With charging priority setting

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* Microcontroller digital accuracy
* PWM Charge mode
* State of charge (SOC)
* Temperature compensation
* Automatic detection of the voltage
* External temperature sensor
* Remote meter MT-1 shows the working data and condition
* Battery type option
* Battery AH setting
* Charging priority setting
* Modify parameters through four keys
* Electronic protection
* Short circuit protection
* Reverse polarity protection
* Reverse current protection at night
* Over charging or discharging protection
* Over load protection
Technical Specifications
* Set point: Sealed battery | Flooded battery | Gel battery
* Boost voltage: 14.2V | 14.4V | 14.6V
* Equalization voltage: 14.4V | 14.6V | 14.8V
* Float voltage: 13.7V | 13.7V| 13.7V
* Maximum solar voltage: 30V(or 55V)
* Battery voltage range: 1-15V
* Boost time: 30 minutes
* Self-consumption: 4mA at night, 10mA at charging
* Meter bus connection: 8-pin RJ-45
* Temp. compensation: -30mV/12V
* Terminals: 4mm square
* Temperature: -35 Centigrade to +55 Centigrade
Note: All data above all for 12V, if for 24V, please use 2x.
This controller is compatible with MT-1 Remote Meter.

Package Content

1 x RioRand 10A Duo Battery Solar Panel Charge Controller Regulator