RioRand Cartoon Decorations Wall Art Decal Sticker for Kids Rooms Nursery Halloween Party (WSJ013)

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  • Highest quality PVC material. Black (matte) Finish,waterproof
    Removable,durable,pressure resistance,shock resistance and won't damage walls
    Quick and easy to apply.Activate,peel off,stick down,done!

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Package:Roll Package
Color: Matte Black
Application:Wall,door and any smooth surface
1. Clean the surface with soft cloth before you stick.
2. Put transfer film on top of the graphic sticker and rub it.
3. Peel transfer film off the paper sheet and stick to the surface .
4. Carefully peel the transfer film off the graphic sticker.
5. Needs half an hour to finish it.
1. Do not stick to any powder coated wall, irregular surface, oil and dust surface, painted surfaces with Teflon, stain guard or VOC paints that have been used.
2. If necessary, cut and DIY your home !
Package Included:
1 x Transfer Paper
1 x Detailed application instruction
1 x Highest Quality Sticker