Motor Drives

RioRand 10000W 220V Rectifier SCR High Power Electronic Voltage Regulator Motor Controller Thermostat Governor Dimmer

Feature:Voltage: AC 220VMaximum Power: 10000W (connected resistive load)Voltage Regulation: AC 0V to..


RioRand 1100W 220V SCR Voltage Thyristors Thermostat Dimmer Power Regulator 0-55V AC Motor Speed Control

Feature:Working Voltage: AC 220VMaximum Power: 1100W (connected resistive load)Voltage Regulation: B..


RioRand 150W Boost Converter DC-DC 10-32V to 12-35V Step Up Voltage Charger Module

Featrure: Easy to drive 65W 90W dual-core notebook. Use a 12V battery drive 19V 3.42A notebook, the ..


RioRand 2 Pcs TowerPro SG90 9G micro small servo motor RC Robot Helicopter for Arduino 2560 UNO R3 AVR A049

RioRand 2 Pcs TowerPro SG90 9G micro small servo motor RC Robot Helicopter for Arduino 2560 UNO R3 A..


RioRand 2000W 220V SCR Electronic Thermostat Power Heat Regulator Voltage controller thyristor Motor Control Dimming

Feature:Working Voltage: AC 220VMaximum Power: 2000W (connected resistive load)Voltage Regulation: A..


RioRand 4000W 220V Silicon Controlled Rectifier SCR Power Controller Motor Control Electronic Voltage Regulator

 Feature:Working Voltage: AC 220VMaximum Power: 4000W (connected resistive load)Voltage Regulat..


RioRand 9-60V PWM DC Motor Speed Controller Pulse Width Modulation Stepless 20A/600W Switch Dimmer Governor

Feature:Operating voltage: DC 9-60VMax Current: 20AControl Power: 600W (MAX)StaticCurrent: 0.02A (st..


RioRand AC 220V 2000W SCR Voltage Regulator Dimming AC Electric Motor Speed Control Thermostat

Specifications:Input Voltage: AC 220VMaximum Power: 2000WVoltage Regulation: AC 90-220VHigh temperat..


RioRand CCMFC2 DC Motor Speed Controller (PWM)

RioRand CCMFC2 DC Motor Speed Controller allows controlling speed of a DC fan that the voltage is 6V..


RioRand DC/DC 4-35V to 1.2-32V 5V/12V/24V Buck Constant Current/Voltage Power Converter Module LED Driver

Feature:Properties: non-isolated step-down synchronous rectification moduleInput voltage :4-35VOutpu..


RioRand L298N Dual H-Bridge Motor Driver Module for Arduino Stepper Control Smart car Robot Power

Feature:Chip: L298NLogic voltage: 5VLogic current 0mA-36mAStorage Temperature: -20°c to +135°..


RioRand LM393 Voltage Comparator Motor Speed Detection Sensor Groove Coupler Module 3.3V-5V DC

Uses:Widely used in motor speed detection, pulse counting, position limits and so on.Features:1. the..


RioRand PWM 12V-40V DC Electric Pump/Motor Speed Controller Stepless 10% -100% 10A

Specifications:Operating voltage: DC 12V-40VControl Power: 0.01-400WQuiescent Current: 0.02A (standb..


RioRand PWM DC Motor Speed Controller DC20-65V 30A 1500W DC Motor Driver Adjuster 0-100%

Applies to DC20-65V low-voltage permanent magnet brush DC motor1) Working voltage: DC20-65V wide vol..


RioRand RRCCM2NJSPC PWM DC Motor Reversing Switch / Pulse Motor Speed Control Switch - Blue+Sliver (12~40V)

Features:Input voltage: DC 12~40V;Power: Max. 120W;Current: Rated current 3A, 5A maximum current thr..


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